Cover Reveal for STORM OF LOCUSTS

I know TRAIL OF LIGHTNING was just released into the world, but I’m happy to keep the fun of discovering THE SIXTH WORLD series going by sharing the cover reveal for the second book, STORM OF LOCUSTS!


Check out the full cover and find out what Maggie will face next in what I like to call my “girl-gang road trip down a post-apocalyptic Route 66”.  You can preorder now. The book is out April 23, 2019.


  1. Hello Hello!
    I just finished reading Trail of Lightning. It is fantastic! I am in love with Maggie and the world building. The book was in the fantasy section of my library but you wove everything together so seamlessly it is my new top pick for magical realism. Your tricky publishers put an excerpt for this new book at the end. No way am I going to read it now that I know I have to wait until April 23. I am not that patient. I can’t wait to jump back into your world.
    Best Wishes, Gillian

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