LeVar Burton Reads…

levarI have the distinct and mind-blowing honor of having LeVar Burton (yes, THE LeVar Burton) read my story story, “Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience(TM)” on his podcast. This is a #lifegoal achieved. Even if you’ve read the story, what he does with it, how he brings it alive, is amazing. And there’s special effects and music and and, and… And go check it out for yourself.

Also a reminder that this story is nominated for a Hugo, and if you haven’t voted (voting ends July 31, 2018) pls consider it. Thanks!



  1. Reblogged this on adaratrosclair and commented:
    LeVar Burton — yes, people, THE LEVAR BURTON — READS Rebecca Roanhorse’s short story (*Nebula Winner) “Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience”. 🙂 #amlistening Also, vote for her Hugo nominated story as soon as possible! I’ll post the link as soon as I find it!

  2. Hi Rebecca. I’m looking for the link to Hugo for voting and I’m having trouble finding it via Google Search. Would you be so kind to post it to me, please, so I can share it? THANK YOU MUCH!

      1. Thank you so much for writing this story, Ms. Roanhorse. I don’t normally read a lot of speculative/sci fi, so I’m grateful for finding your story via Levar Burton Reads (which in turn I just found on Stitcher). My mind is just blown. I love the modern complexities in the story, the working class anxieties, and the way you tackle what authenticity means. Definitely looking forward to reading more of your work. Bravo!

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