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For interview/appearances, anthologies invites, and other professional requests : sara at ktliterary dot com

Film and TV rights inquiries: kassie at anonymouscontent dot com

Rebecca Roanhorse is a NYTimes bestselling and Nebula, Hugo, and Locus Award-winning speculative fiction writer and the recipient of the 2018 Astounding Award for Best New Writer.

Rebecca has published multiple award-winning short stories and six novels, including two in The Sixth World Series, Star Wars: Resistance Reborn, Race to the Sun for the Rick Riordan imprint, and two in the epic fantasy Between Earth and Sky trilogy – Black Sun and Fevered Star, with the final novel in the trilogy set to release in 2024. She has also written for Marvel Comics and for television, and had projects optioned by Amazon Studios, Netflix, and AMC Studios. Find her Fiction & Non-Fiction HERE.

She lives in Northern New Mexico with her husband, daughter, and pup. She drinks a lot of black coffee. Find more at and on Twitter at @RoanhorseBex.


  1. Hi! I’m currently around 70% of the way through Fevered Star and the nonbinary representation in this book means so much to me. Thank you for writing us so well!!!!!

    1. I can absolutely agree on that. Moved to th US five years ago from Germany and this series made read much more in English. Love the characters and the non-binary representation with my daughter being in her journey currently. I’m really excited that you’re planing to add another part to this series. Thank you so much Rebecca.


  2. I am reading Black Sun for a twitch streamed book club. Tonight we are discussing chapters 1-19. I love this book so far. It was so hard to stop after just the first half so as not to spoil anything for the discussion group. I just wanted to say thank you for this captivating story. I can’t wait for club to be over tonight so I can jump right in and finish it!

      1. Just finished Black Sun on the advice of my librarian, whom I now know is a genius! Your book spoke to all of the ethnic stories that live inside me, and introduced me to new ones. Your writing effortlessly drew me deep into this book, and when I finished reading it, I felt a longing to return to this world. Thank you!

  3. I was raised in North Texas, but am adopted, and am a reconnecting Indigenous person. Thank you for writing worlds that my younger self only dreamed of. Can’t wait to continue reading!

  4. I heard you on the NPR interview. Black Sun just came out. I am not a person who reads fantasy. I bought the book to support you. Well, the book was a page turner and I could not put it down. I found myself reading it multiple times waiting for Fevered Star. I’ve read that one more than once and will probably read it again before book three so all details will be fresh prior to reading book three. I recently read Trail of Lightning and Storm of Locusts. Wonderful books.

    I am waiting patiently and super excited to read book 3. Thank you for writing stories with Indigenous people, and with strong women. As an educator, I can say we need more books like your books. Thank you! ~Natalie

  5. I am an 8th Grade ENL Teacher/ELA Co-Teacher from NY, and I want to tell you how much I appreciate your speculative short fiction story, “Takeback Tango” published in the anthology A Universe of Wishes.

    It’s so necessary to teach students about the importance of returning cultural artifacts to their original places instead of those with power and privilege stealing and hoarding them just to put them on display and make money off of someone’s sacred objects.

    Your story shares this message, and my students and I love the way this is conveyed in Takeback Tango. Thank you for giving a voice to indigenous cultures and native people across the globe. Your work is appreciated!

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