More Reviews! from Kirkus, Tor, and more

I posted some reviews from The New York Times and Barnes and Noble earlier, but more have come in and they are worth sharing.

From Bookpage:

“Trail of Lightning has set a new standard for speculative fiction. Roanhorse has dazzled with this first installment into the Sixth World series [..] The only downside is that we have to wait to learn what happens next.”


“Rebecca Roanhorse is an author to watch. She knows her stuff, how to twist the knife to make it hurt so good and how to turn the screw to make it almost too stressful to handle.”

From Kirkus:

“There are several layers to Trail of Lightning, beautifully juxtaposed by the author. Starting with the world itself which draws inspiration from Navajo legend and stories then spiralling out into a story that mixes adventure, horror, violence in its main plotline with a coating of personal trauma from both Maggie and Kai.”

From The Verge:

“…Trail of Lightning is what I’d call a durable fantasy novel. It’s focused closely on the lives and decisions of its characters, not just the universe they inhabit. It’s intensely focused on delivering a fast, entertaining adventure, and it absolutely takes readers along for a fun ride.”


  1. Really have enjoyed your books. Would love to continue to read about Maggie and these wonderful characters

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