Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!

Still on the fence about buying TRAIL OF LIGHTNING? Here are reviews from The New York Times and Barnes and Noble to help you decide.

From the NY Times:Ultimately, “Trail of Lightning” made me want nothing so much as a television show. Someone please cancel “Supernatural” already and give us at least five seasons of this badass indigenous monster-hunter and her silver-tongued sidekick. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the next volume.” (Don’t worry “Supernatural” stans. We can have both! Crossover time!!)

And from Barnes and Noble: “Trail of Lightning is an audacious take on the conventions of both urban fantasy and the post-apocalyptic novel, binding them two together in a way that could only and ever happen in Dinétah, in the Sixth World.” [Note: This review is spoiler-heavy.]

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