2019 Awards Eligibility Post

noMurderStarWell, it’s already that time of year again, so in the time-honored tradition of “promote your stuff so you can keep eating”, here’s my 2019 awards eligibility post.

Each year I pick a different star to thematically sum up my feelings about the year, and this year my star is in honor of my award-eligible novel, STORM OF LOCUSTS.

STORM OF LOCUSTS is the sequel to TRAIL OF LIGHTNING (which garnered all sorts of praise last year so thank you very much for that). Some people say STORM was better than TRAIL! Check out reviews from B&N and  Tor.com. And Amazon named it one of the Best SFF Books of 2019!

I also published two short fiction pieces of which I’m very proud: “Harvest” and “A Brief Lesson in Native American Astronomy”.

“Harvest” got some amazing reviews: Lightspeed Magazine called it “a dizzying, stunning work of art” and Publisher’s Weekly said it was “exquisite”. Read it in New Suns.

“A Brief Lesson in Native American Astronomy” can be found in The Mythic Dream.


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