“Harvest” is my latest short story…

new-suns-9781781085783_lgAnd it’s getting some lovely reviews. Some of my faves are below:

““Harvest” by Rebecca Roanhorse is a bloody and sensual modernization of the deer woman legend. [..] It’s a dizzying, stunning work of art, told in a style which is at once readable and beautiful.” – LIGHTSPEED MAGAZINE

“Exquisite”Publisher’s Weekly

“Dark and delicate” – Blackgate

“Genuinely moving, melancholic and lonely”Tor.com


You can read it, and many other excellent short stories by some of the best folks writing short fiction today, like Silvia Morena-Garica, Indra Das, Tobias Bucknell, Darcie Little Badger and more + intro by LeVar Burton  in New Suns: Speculative Fiction by People of Color, ed. Nisi Shawl.



  1. I just listened to Trail of Lighting and Locusts. Damn. I love both of them. I usually take a month to listen to a book. But blazed through both in 2 days. Thanks for your awesome stories

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