1. Just wondering if Mirrored Heavens is still releasing on August 1st? Rebecca did an interview in October or December and said it was going to release in late 2023 or in 2024. Also, this post says the cover was going to be revealed in Fall, which didn’t happen. I’m okay with a delay, but someone may want to update the website if it has been delayed.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Josh, It does look like the release of MIRRORED HEAVENS is delayed, but I don’t know to when. As soon as I have that information, I’ll update the website. Same with the cover reveal. Unfortunately, authors don’t have control over these things. Thanks for reading.

  2. I discovered your writing through the Levar Burton Reads podcast. I just wanted to let your know how much I have enjoyed the between earth and sky books. Very enjoyable to listen to. I was so engrossed in the story. I eagerly await the next book in the series.

  3. Hi Rebecca! This series is AMAZING, and I can’t wait for The Mirrored Heavens! Will there be a hardcover release for the trilogy as a set? I have been searching endlessly for Black Sun in hardcover format…with no luck, and I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to purchase all 3 books in hardcover with the new release. *fingers crossed!*

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m sorry you can’t find a hardcover of Black Sun. I hope they will release a special edition at some point, but I’m not sure when or if that will happen. If I come across a stash of hardcovers, I’ll definitely try to remember to come back and tag you.

  4. Will The Mirrored Heavens be available for Pre-order at any point, even if the actual publishing date is delayed? I fell in love with Black Sun and Fevered Star and have been absolutely ENCHANTED by the complexity and eloquency within. I want to support however I can!

    1. Yes, it will be available to preorder once they set a publishing date. Not sure when that will be, but I’ll definitely post it here when it’s available for preorder. Thank you for reading and for the support!

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