Black Sun early reviews say it’s “perfection”

Black Sun Cover
“Mark your calendars, this is the next big thing.” – Kirkus

The early trade reviews are in for BLACK SUN and they are all stars!

Kirkus starred review says Black Sun is “rich, detailed, and expertly constructed.[…] A beautifully crafted setting with complex character dynamics and layers of political intrigue? Perfection.”

Publisher’s Weekly starred review calls it “a perfect balance between powerful worldbuilding and rich thematic exploration as the protagonists struggle against their fates” and says “Fantasy fans will be wowed.”

Library Journal starred review says Black Sun is an “epic fantasy with vivid worldbuilding and exciting prose” and “filled with lush details and intriguing personalities”.

Black Sun is out October 13, 2020, but you can preorder now at


  1. Received “Black Sun” unexpectedly as a recommendation from the Seattle Public Library, and could not have been more surprised how much it pulled me in. Finished it in two days because who needs sleep. Thank you for building a world with so many types of people, with so many abilities and genders and powers and everything else. So refreshing and exciting. Cannot wait for the next one! (as long as Xiala is in it ^^)

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