2018 Award Eligibility Post

star“Don’t self-reject,” they say. Or something like that. So in the spirit of “it worked out pretty well last time”, here’s my 2018 awards eligibility post.

I only have two works eligible this year – my debut novel Trail of Lightning and my non-fiction essay Postcards from the Apocalypse.

Trail of Lightning made a number of “Best of 2018” lists (which still blows my mind) including Amazon, B&N, B&N reviewersNPR, The Library Journal, BookPage, Bookriot, and The Verge. It also made B&N’s 50 of the Greatest Science Fiction & Fantasy Debut Novels Ever Written, which honestly might be a stretch but I am here to say nice things about my work so, heck yeah!!

Postcards from the Apocalypse was published by Uncanny Magazine and people said some nice things about it, too. But I’d mostly just love for you to read it. 🙂

Thanks for your consideration, and mostly thanks for reading.


  1. Looking at your fiction, it seems that “Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience” was your first pro publication, in 2017? In which case, you’re also eligible for the John W. Campbell (not-a-Hugo) award for new writers. FYI.

    (I loved Trail of Lightning & look forward to reading more, more, MORE from you.)


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