Awards Eligibility Post 2017


This will be short and sweet:

1) I only have one story eligible this year, but I think it’s a good one. It has been called “a genuinely chilling meditation on appropriation and identity”.
Some reviews:
“Incisive, chilling, and darkly funny.”
“Thought-provoking sci-fi storytelling at its BEST”
“A powerfully unsettling story [..]gazing straight at the darkness of the real world through the lens of sf.”
and my fave, “Writing so lovely you won’t expect the teeth until they’re in your neck.”

Go read it at Apex Magazine:

2) I am also eligible for The Campbell Award, as this was my first short fiction published.


gold star reading : An Attempt Was Made


  1. That was a great story! It was one of my votes for Best of Apex Magazine 2017. Also looking forward to TRAIL OF LIGHTNING. It sounds like the sort of novel that I usually like.

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