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  1. Dear Madam Roanhorse,
    Just some words to tell you that, having read your short story which I found very beautiful and very instructive, I decided to study it with my pupils Within the framework of the twinning with a school of the first nations of Canada in which we participate. This novel will be translated into French by one of my close friends and will be studied in few month.
    Starting point of this twinning is our program of history the “discovery” of “America” by the Europeans as well as his colonization of which one of the subjects is. Usually, we study these events of the European point of view but this time I wanted to change perspective and to give the point of view of the autochtonous populations.
    The principle of this twinning is to allow our young people to communicate directly by mail and to make discover to our French young people various traditional and contemporary aspects of the native cultures of America.
    Through pictorial, musical and literary works, created by artists of the first nations of America, legends and history.
    If you wished to be informed about the progress of the twinning, I shall be happy to supply you all the information which you would wish
    .I wish you the great success deserved for your literary works
    Please accept, Madam Roanhorse, my most respectful feelings.

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