Review Wednesday: The March, Congressman John Lewis and the Civil Rights Movement (w Giveaway!)

A great interview series on the use of graphic novels in school curriculum to teach social justice and the surprising diversity of graphic novelists.

Strong in the Broken Places

This fairly spectacular Graphic Novel gave me the idea to talk this month about how we build empathy with our young readers for events completely outside their realm of experience. I picked it up because it’s going to be featured beside an article I’m writing for Teaching Tolerance about using GNs in the classroom to teach social justice. And I noticed instantly that it is the best book about the Civil Rights Movement that I have ever read. And by “best book” I mean that while I was reading it, I could FEEL a little bit what it must have been like to be a young person who was a part of that movement. I have read many excellent books and seen many good documentaries about the Civil Rights Movement. I certainly know plenty of the history (although, did you know that comics played a key role in the…

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